New to the Mic.

Well the mic was open
But I’m not up here hoping
To call ya’ll out
And win the bout
Ya know, cause a rout

I’m just tippin’ out a rhyme
If ya’ll winners got time
(and it ain’t a crime
for me drop a line)

RoseTone’s no MC
That ain’t my style
‘S not really me
but I ain’t ficlyed in a while

I read your raps
Ya’ll bustin’ caps
Like ya shootin’ craps
But just settle back
Lemme buy ya’ll a drink
While I’m down in the rink
Give ya time to think
As I plan ahead
And execute
My grand escape
From this rappin’ troop

Cause I suck at this
I ain’t got the skillz
To blow the mic
And score the kills

Now I’m closing down
So I’ll see ya’ll around
When I’m back in town
And maybe even throw some more beats down.

(As the bartender sets out the free shots, RoseTone makes an unnoticed exit out the back)

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