Auditorily Gifted

“To disable the bomb, you need this tape recorder. What you can’t hear is a high pitched frequency playing the background. Good luck.” The voice sent chills down my spine.

“What station is it?” I asked Jonah as he picked up the device.
“A subway, um, there is a sign..Southwark!”
“It’s close, good, let’s hurry!”

Scanning the crowd, I searched for the scared individual. Fear is not really gray, its a combination of colors muted by the perception of death to a grayish pallor. I passed hundreds of people in rainbows of color, my aura sensing ability on high alert.

“Where is he, Gretch?” Jonah’s voice was full of worry as it seemed to take forever to find this guy. “We only have 10 minutes.”
“Do you have the tape on?”
“Then we’re fine.” I needed him to calm down before his agitation started interfering with the people near us. I closed my eyes, I sought, and then I located him.
“There!” I took off at a dead run, Jonah and a small police squad on my heels.

“My ears!” Screamed the man.

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