The area had been cordoned off. Photos were being taken of the scene.
Everything looked like a standard mugging gone wrong.

Looked like.

One of the officers opened his wallet, checking for signs of robbery. Nothing was missing. I never took my souvenir from the wallet. That would be stupid, a rookie mistake. No, I added something. My own little signature.
She noticed the familiar little card and called her superior over.

It began. The beautiful chaos I created. All I needed was one photo to remember this moment, this feeling!

Two days after the murder it arrived. Right on time. There would be no prints on the envelope, or the photo within. There never was.
But maybe something else.

My team and I studied the evidence for hours until we found it. That something else. He’d always been so careful. But now we had him. My plan had worked. The angles matched up perfectly. The man in the photo stood smiling, taking a picture of the scene.

“Call the captain” I said. “Tell him we got a photo of the killer.”

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