John's Revenge

“God! I’m tired of Andy always leaving this car like this!” I exclaimed. The inside was filthy. Fries everywhere, stains on the seats, and right on the driver’s seat was a huge puddle of mustard! Danny stopped behind me and looked into the car.
“Whoa! What did you do to this car?” he asked, staring at the mustard.
I didn’t do anything! Andy just brought the car back! My shift just started, and I’m gonna have to clean out this car!” I almost shouted. Danny chuckled, and helped me clean the car.
Later, driving back to the station since my shift was over, I planned to give Andy a piece of my mind. He was going to use this car when I got back. I knew that he’d ruin the car again, so…I stopped when something caught my eyes. There, sitting at the side of the road was a giant turtle.
I pulled the car over, grinning. I got out of the car, and put the turtle in the passenger seat, and found out it was a snapping turtle. Even better.
I started down the road again. Let’s see how you like that Andy.

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