How much would you pay to change someone’s life? To open their minds to a wider universe? To have a great story to tell your friends?

To feel better about yourself?

I had gone to New York on a whim, see? It could have been any other city or country just as easily. I wasn’t drawn there or anything. I just went.

Taxiing through the suburbs, I saw foreclosure signs seemingly everywhere. But soon I found what seemed to be the right area. And walking the streets, I eventually found what I was sure would be a good house. The right house.

If you asked me now, I couldn’t pick it out of a line up. And I couldn’t tell you why I picked that one. I suppose with random acts of kindness you just kind of hope that the universe will guide you. Put your feet where they need to be.

I stepped up to the screen door, went over my story in my mind, and knocked. I was persistent, and when the woman’s face appeared behind the door, to answer my insistent pounding, I felt it was the right face and I had come at the right time.

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