Every Dog Has Its Day

“I have inside information, and you can hack. Thirty-five grand a piece. It’ll be easy.” Jason had another get rich quick scheme and Kara wanted no part of it. He wasn’t a stable guy and the only thing consistent about his plans was that they fell apart.

Kara mentally put the finishing touches on her “why this plan won’t work” speech, modifying the same one she used every time, when Jason produced a small leather book and tossed it to her.

“Here, see what you can do with this. I know you need time to do any real work but you can just take a look around.”

Kara thumbed through the first few pages. Smudged numbers sat above alpha-numeric passwords and cursive notes.

“Which account was it?”

Jason flipped to the back and pointed at it.

Kara worked her magic and after a few minutes, columns of numbers scrolled down her screen ending with:

ACCOUNT BALANCE – $ 1,662,090.91

They looked at each other. That was a lot more than what was supposed to be in there.

“I want it all.” Jason whispered fervently.

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