Something Old, Something New, and Something Blue.

“Something old,” remarked Great Granny as she placed a pearl bracelet on my wrist.
“This was given to me by my husband before he entered World War II.”
“No it wasn’t!” bellowed Grandma Ruth from the back of the room, “I gave that to you after he died…”
“In WWII…” mumbled Great Granny, continuing her speech that no one listen to.

“Something new,” Grandma Ruth said, walking over to me. " When I married my third husband…or was it my fourth? Anyway, whenever I marry a man, I always buy a new pack of cigarettes for good luck."
Ruth placed a pack of Camel in my hands.
“I don’t smoke,” I replied.
“Well ya should, it’s good for you.”

Ruth walked away, and my mother came over to me carrying a little blue bobby pin. “Don’t listen to her,” she said as she clipped the pin into my hair, “My mother thinks…”
“…thinks she is still a showgirl in Vegas,” I said, finishing her sentence.
She looked at me with her big eyes and smiled.
“I love you darling.”
“I love you too.”

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