Stark White Truth

“Hi, Mrs. Dever? Um, this is awkward.. but, well, I’m your son’s biological mother. He was here..” Her voice broke, but Mrs. Dever didn’t hear it.

“Where is he?! Is he safe?!”

“Well, after the… accident, ..he left.”

“Left? Did he say where he was going?”

Mrs. Dever heard sobs on the other line and was unhappy for the delay in getting information. “Hello? Is he okay?”

“Sorry, it was my daughter, your son’s sister that…” stifled sobs “… took the car.”

“What? So he’s alive?! Thank goodness, but where did he go?”

“I don’t know, but it must have freaked him out.”

Mrs. Dever was torn between hanging up to call to inform the police, and continuing talking to her to get all the details herself.

“Wait, who are you?”

“I’m Pam, his biological mother.” She gulped and calmed down a little.

“How did he know he was adopted? We never told him.”

“He found US. He came and introduced himself and met his sister…”

“Don’t cry.. oh, she was in his car.. is she..?”

more sobs

“Oh, I see.”

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