“Before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times.”

The Lord looked away, took the dust in hand, and Purpose flowed into it.

“That, Child, is what I told Peter.”

Purpose made Form. And the dust became the Body. The lord turned away and laid eyes on the Earth, and His gazed passed beyond it.

“It is a bitter place. The rooster will crow and crow, and yet you, and all men, will disown me.”

The child, without fear, because he had not yet a body of flesh, asked “Why then do I go?”

“The rooster crows at Dawn my precious Child. One day you will rise at a quiet dawn, with peace in the sky, and the earth, and the trees, and the waters. And you will begin to understand. But never shall you be at peace until you come back to me. Don’t worry; I’ll explain everything.”

The Child and the Body became one. And he began to know his Desires, both Good and Ill.

“What now, Lord?”

“The first Dawn Child, but for a time it will be dim. Take heart, you’ll soon begin to Learn.”

God touched him, Dawn Broke.

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