True tales

Well I am a nurse and have had some hairy situations. One comes to mind of a day I was triage in Accident and Emergency. This day I also had to fill in as nurse for the sexual disease clinic which was run from A.and E. With the S.T.D. Clinic you had to call out a number and if someone was waiting to see a doctor for A.and E. you called out their name.
Being a small town it was highly secretive as to who attended the S.T.D Clinics. We always got names like Paul Newman and Ava Gardener on the referral sheets.
Just as the S.T.D. Clinic started we had a car crash emergency wheeled through the door so I picked up the list of names next to the numbers for the clinic and announced, “would the following people please come to the desk for the S.T.D. Clinic?” I proceeded to say the names… Tom Cruise, Frank De Niro, Toby Mcguire….. A group of very red faced young men presented .

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