An Interview

Kylun followed the Messenger through the streets, taking a circuitous route through the back alleys and shadowed minor streets. This was getting stranger by the minute. What could a Messenger want with him? He was just a guard in the service of the Government. Kylun didn’t even guard anything important, just a small footbridge.

At last they came to their destination, the grand house, headquarters of the Messengers. The Apolsi Crest was prominently displayed on the front door. But they went around to the side of the house, entered through a small door and went down the back stairs to a room with only one small high window. There sat Citri on a wooden stool.

Kylun waited for Citri to speak first.

“You must allow my people to cross without challenge,” she growled in a low voice.

“We already allow all Messengers…”

“No! These are not Messengers. They will give you a sign. They must not be noticed by the Government.”

Kylun knew something was going on, something that might cost him his life.

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