May 15, 2010

Wayne looked at Sara, and the pile of packages at her feet. He had begged and pleaded with her to stop. They had tried therapy, medicati0ns and cutting up her credit cards. She always found a way to shop.

“Baby, you are bankrupting us,” he breathed.

Sara at first looked ashamed, then defiant.

“I need these things,” she whined.

“How can you need more clothes and shoes?” he questioned. “You already have a closet full and half of them still have the tags.”

“But…” she trailed off.

Wayne found his breaking point. He loved her but he just couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted to buy a house, start a family, go on vacations, but they couldn’t because of her spending habits.

“If your name’s on the receipt, YOU are gonna be exchanged. Trust me. I’ve already got my eye on a little power boat.”

He walked out the door and drove straight to his lawyer’s office.

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