I walk out of the bank, happy to have finally closed my account. I had had nearly a hundred thousand dollars in there,as the bank seemed like a secure choice in comparison with my one bedroom apartment in the heart of Brooklyn. But then I heard of several robberies that had taken place there, and I decided to move my money elsewhere.
So now I am walking with my pockets filled with cash to find a new bank . The money fits nicely in my hooded black sweatshirt.
“Hey you, in the black hoodie!” someone called. I realized it was a police officer. “Get back here! We need to take you in for questioning.”
“What are you talking about?”
“The robberies. You’re coming with me.”
All of a sudden, a man ran by in a black hoodie. He was about my size.
“There’s the robber!” I cried. “It wasn’t me!”
“Nice try. Get in the car. Witnesses say it was someone in a black hoodie who looked just like you and pockets with money.”
“That guy that just ran by fits the description too.”
“What are you saying about my son?”
He’s the robber…

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