Submitting a Sequel as a Prequel

He sat, staring at the screen. This time around, he would push the system even further. He would tie two stories together. Could the sequel and prequel variables both be successfully resolved? He moved to sequel his last code-breaking entry. hung in the address bar. It looked lonely. As determination ran in sweat drops along his brow he added what no one would expect: &prequel=18959. Just one more word, five more numbers. Would it work, or would failure strike him senseless. Enter. Write test.

He hit submit.

NOOOO! An error?! The ficlet was not submitted correctly! He was ready to shed tears, and felt them welling up. Yet, what was this? Ah. The ficlet was too short. Fewer than 60 characters. He sat back. Was he ready for a second attempt?

For science, he was. The URL bar glittered as he pressed enter: and then he wrote his thoughts. Submit.

Epic, circular, success. He had opened a can of worms.

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