The Fifth Dimension

“The third dimension is our physical realm. When you walk, you walk through the third dimension.”

“Unless I walk in a straight line. That’s only two dimensions.”

Ignoring my obnoxious attempt at a digression, she quickly continued. “Now, the fourth dimension is time. Presumably, someone who lives and walks in four dimensions lives and walks through time the way we do through space. He should theoretically be able to step forward an hour as easily as we do a foot.”

“That makes sense.”

“Then the fifth dimension is probability, where chance and choice become endless variables. This goes beyond the branched paths of human will and understanding to a level of possibility that can transform the function of the universe. Chemistry, physics, biology…everything is in flux. Anything you can think of has the potential, no matter how slight, to change.”

“I think I actually get it,” I said.

“Good. Now watch this.” And without warning, she stepped through the fifth dimension.

“I don’t get it,” I said.

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