The forest to the West - second

Within the machine, there was a seat and controls crammed in, along with barely enough space for the Reptilian who was sitting inside. The lizard-like creature had skin coloured a deep green, and looked out, at the forest around him, with brilliant blue eyes, seeing just the trees, undergrowth and forest floor. As he got out of the incredibly cramped space, an area of the background in front of him moved, before fading into a tall, four-eyed, sharp-toothed forest hunter, who instantly threw a long, barbed spear at him.
The Reptilian did not move, but the spear was batted away by a metal arm, one of several that extended from a harness on the Reptilian’s back. He grinned, the hunter faded out of sight again and loosed another spear at him, which a clawed, scaled hand caught with ease.
“You remind me of the Cold villagers.” the Reptilian said, forked tongue flicking between sharp teeth. There was no reply, but a gentle rustle from many directions, and the strange feeling that the hunter had fetched his friends.

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