Caving In

Two lumpy creatures with warty skin, large-ish yellow eyes, and breath that had been known to kill, looked on in horror at where their favorite fishing hole used to be. The moist earth of the ceiling had caved in- no more pool, and no more delicious fishes for anybody.

Goug turned to Nurkl. “How come roof come down?” His voice was tinged with insincere bitterness.

“Because you ugly and stupid. I tolja not to snook down here widdout me and lookit whut happent.”

“I NEVER snuckt wiffout you.” Goug snarled the lie. His skin bumps grew crimson from shame and anger. The fish were so yummy. He’d had to come. “And you ugly n’ stupid.” he added, nodding his head as if agreeing with himself.

“Whudyousay?” Nurkl asked ominously.

“You. Ugly. Stupid.” Goug answered.

And they were off, punching, kicking, and grabbing for each other. Nurkl leapt with a roar and Goug folded under him. They rolled around on the floor, slamming against the walls. Each impact caused tiny trickles of earth to rain from the ceiling…

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