Disappearing Boy

I can’t believe it.
She’s here. I start to make my way through the crowded room. I’ve never been a fan of parties, but I heard that she would be here, so I came.
She looks over at me and smiles. My heart almost stops. She recognized me!
Then someone elbows past me and sits next to her. He whispers something in her ear, and she laughs.
Now you see me, now you don’t. I think. I’m a million miles away. Don’t say my thoughts are not for real, or you won’t see me again. When I walked into the crowded room, I felt as if it was my doom. I knew that I didn’t belong.
In that room I see her, and she’s with him. I turn around, and then I’m gone. I have my doubts of where I belong. It’s something to think about.
Don’t call me up, because I’m not home. My whereabouts are now unknown. I vanished from all your joy.
I’m the disappearing boy.

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