...and many more to go.

A quick look back shows the space that I had just left. It seemed so far away… certainly the effort was nothing insignificant. The feeling of exhilaration at this progress has inspired a wide grin to cross my face. Perhaps I’ll even hazard a laugh. That’s something new as well.

My biggest fans have been encouraging me and are here now to see this fine occasion. It was not born out of confidence, but necessity and the sheer adventure of it. I’d been shuffling about for so long like some sort of lower life form that this was an evolution in the truest sense.

In another moment, I’ve shakily doubled my progress. Another brings me just as far. Perhaps I should cut my losses at this point and ruminate on the experience before I attempt more. There’s plenty of time for me to improve my technique and gain stability and speed over this uncertain first excursion.

But for now, I’m going to try to finish walking into Mommy’s arms. It’s only a couple of steps and there are so many more to go.

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