You Oughta Write

“This is really good. It has a good plot, the characters are very well developed and you seem to know exactly how you want it to sound when you tell me it. You’ve told me this story many times now and every time nothing changes. I think you have it completely thought through…”

That’s Caden. He’s the one I end up talking to the most, even when I don’t want to. He always tells me the upside, and a suggestion. He’s a predictable person, but a great one anyways. Whenever I need to talk to him about something I always tell it as a story. Stories about unusual abilities and most often about cluelessness.

“So now there’s only one thing missing.” He continued, “I know you’re a great writer. You really oughta write this down.”

He has been getting more and more persistent about me writing this. He put his coffee down, folded his hands and looked at me across the table. “Why don’t you want to write this? It’s an amazing story and it would make an amazing book especially if you write it just like you tell it to me.”

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