The Case of Conner Black

Detective Jones resisted his case to the court room. He attempted to present it as best as he could. To finally be able to give the small community of Boulder Creek the peace it deserved.

Conner sat facing the detective smiling at him, and grinning with every word Jones spoke about him and what he was being charged for.

Conner drew pictures in his note book of children playing in a school yard; he drew the boys jerking off to the girls as they were tied to the swings. He also drew pictures of parents in cars mutilated.

Conner was arrested in the summer of 1986, for the brutal murders of 7 young boys in the community of Boulder Creek. The police found the 7 boys nailed to a piece of dry wall. The police determined that they were alive when Conner gutted them open and placed there intestines in each of their mouths then he placed their testicles in the eye sockets. He then drilled a hole in their skulls, were he inserted his penis.

The coroner found that some of the kids were still alive through it.

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