It’s been ten years since I’ve seen the one I love.

Ten years since I’ve looked into her eyes. No longer.

I’m finally going to see her again.

Ten years ago I met a girl named Margaret, she hated her name. She insisted on being called Mary, even though it wasn’t her name.

We loved each other a lot, after only a couple of months we got married. We were happy together. Of course, happiness isn’t something that always lasts. Some drunk totaled her car… And my life.

I was absolutely heartbroken sitting in that hospital, watching her fade away. They apologized to me, said they couldn’t do anything to help her. I thought of suicide, but I knew whenever I get to where I’m going, she’d be pretty mad if I forced my way there.

But now here I am. About to see her again, in the same bed she was in. Seems a little ironic, I kind of wanted to go out the way she did, with a bang. Cancer wasn’t the way I wanted to go, but at least they let me lie in the bed she lay in. Either way, I’m going to Mary again.

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