The Prophecy

“W-well,” JoAnn’s mouth was dry. She swallowed and started again. “I made a mistake. I heard you might help me, uh, erase the past.”

“Child, I cannot turn back time.”

“No. I mean, I think I’m pregnant. And I don’t want to be.”

The witch’s eyes swiftly settled on Cal.
“No, it’s not his. It’s this guy who is a real jerk.” JoAnn’s voice got angry, clipping her words at the end.

“Come here girl.” JoAnn stood on shaky legs and Cal let her go. He sat helplessly as she neared the old woman.

The witch touched JoAnn’s stomach. Her body froze, her eyes rolled back in her head, and her voice went hoarse and scratchy, “This is the prophesied one! The demon who will bring about the hamlet’s demise!” She fell to the ground stiffly.

JoAnn screamed and the two kids took off running until they finally emerged from the trees.

The old lady chuckled, got up, dusted herself off, and gathered their forgotten flashlights. “Needed me one of these.” She threw the dead cat to her wild pet, a wolf lurking beyond the firelight.

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