Harbinger and Herald

I watched dozens of hard-looking men unloading a long line of freight trucks. Every box was marked On Loan From Arkham University, Handle With Care. I didn’t know where Arkham was but judging from the accents that drifted up from the parking lot, it was somewhere east of the Mississippi.

A regal looking man tall, dark-skinned, and bald, stood apart with his arms folded. He seemed to shine with an inner light. His face was wise and cruel and he carried himself with an unearthly majesty. It was like looking upon a king, or perhaps a young god. I could almost hear the shrill sound of flutes as he wandered around giving orders and directing the chaos around him. It seemed appropriate but I didn’t know why.

I felt like I knew him. I tried to remember on how or where I had met him before but nothing came to mind.

As I thought that, he looked up and pointed at me. Words long locked away came flooding back to me. “Know and remember this- the next time our paths cross, it shall be the begining of the end…”

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