This Is a Test

“Wrong answer.”

The white slipper drove into my side.

“We had a deal. Everybody dives.”
“Everybody but you.” Another kick, a soft snap inside me.
“We voted. Didn’t we vote, Buckley?” Buckley nodded, his shaved head bobbing slowly up in down.
I didn’t.”

Aaron flashed his perfect smile at me, his eyes distant and cold. He kicked me again, I managed to take most of it with my arm. “You don’t count.”

“I’m sorry, okay? It was too easy, I thought there would be more.”
“Easy? You know what’s easy?” There was no answer I could give that wouldn’t bring another blow. “Getting from second to first.” He looked around before placing his knee on my windpipe, and Buckley took a half step towards him before thinking better of it.

“You’re heading out allright. Today. That’s what you want, right? That’s what we all want, right?” I slapped at his leg, but he took no mind, pressing down even harder. “All you had to do was slip a little.”

“Aaron, h-he’s fading, man.”

“So? We’re all fading. He’s just going first.”

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