The innocence of youth

Officer Watson drove down the quiet street, with it’s well manicured lawns and white picket fences, when she saw a little girl walking alone.
She pulled the vehicle over, got out and hurried over to the crying girl.
“Hi, sweetie. Why are you out here all alone?”
The girl sniffed and looked up at the officer.
“I got lost.” she said in her little voice.
“Oh, it’s okay. I’ll take you home. Which one is your house?”
The little girl pointed up the street “Twelve.”
With that, the officer took her hand and started walking, ready to have a word or two with her parents. What kind of irresponsible people were they?
They got to the house and entered through the unlocked front door.
“Hello!” Officer Watson called out. Silence.
She walked around the room while the little girl followed her.
“I wonder where your parents are.”
Then she felt a sharp pain as the blade slipped into her back and she collapsed to the ground.
The little girl stood over the officer, holding the bloody knife and smiled sweetly.
“They’re dead too.”

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