Locked Away

Alisa had been locked in this room for days.

There was a simple door in the wall, but noone had entered or egressed since she awoke in this place. One minute she’d lain down to catch a good night’s sleep, and when she woke refreshed and ready to tackle the new day, she had found nothing to tackle.

Not that she didn’t try, of course. She’d thrown her weight against the door and every other wall a number of times, but all she had to show of it was a series of bruises. She was starting to get weary from lack of food, though she’d managed to coax some water from a nozzle on one of the walls.

She looked at the nozzle once again. A button atop a simple angled nozzle. She’d peered at it from every angle, pulled it, hit it, yelled at it. Nothing. Aside from the door, it was the only feature in the room, and her only hope.

With her last ounce of strength she gave it a twist and was rewarded with a jolt of electricity, rendering her once more unconscious.

She could only hope she’d wake up again in her own bedroom.

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