For The Record (cont.)

And you don’t have to wrap your arms around me anymore while we hibernate in my dorm room. I know you may believe you are holding me but it is an illusion. Your arms are simply reaching for the closet body, and I just happen to be there. It’s also not very comfortable. My neck has no support and it starts to ache after a while. So please don’t wrap your arms around me anymore.
Lastly, we do not have to fuck anymore. We both know neither of us enjoy it. I’m tired of feeling used while I count the cracks on my ceiling, and I’m sure you are bored with counting the times I dig my nails into your shoulder blades. Frankly I’ve been faking my orgasms since the very beginning. So we don’t have to fuck anymore.
And you do not have to feel awkward now. I will not hold this failed experiment against you. I will gladly keep my distance until I fade into the back of your mind. You can walk away.

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