Part to Play (3/3)

Climax: I pull creepy guy off the bed and fling him against the wall. He retaliates with a punch stronger than I expected. I stumble, and he lunges forward to take advantage of the situation. A lucky trip allows me to shift his body weight against the mirror on the closet door.

Shards of glass pour down and resemble an eerie pale blue star storm. Creepy guy screams in whatever potential pain he might be in and falls to the ground. I do not care; I have the falling action to attend to.

I cover my friend with my coat and lift her into my arms. I step out into the hallway and move back into the crowded party. Most do not notice me; they’re too absorbed in their own stories to pay attention to mine.

I push my way through the tipsys and the drunks, with only a few faces twisted with confusion turning to me. I leave the house by front door and step into the fresh night. I do not go to the dénouement; it is not necessary for this story.

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