Forgive Them Father

Forgive them Father, they know not what they do

He knew this to be true and he hated it. Worse yet, it was his fault.

Free will: a horribly misguided notion.

In the beginning of this little ant farm called existence it seemed vital that his creations be able to choose their course. Such choices defined life on that blue and green marble since he set it to spin. It was choice that had torn them at the seams and brought them to this. The End.

It all began as a trifle of a hobby, something to save himself from the doldrums around him. It became far more impactfull and consuming. His time and gaze was soon fixed on that speck floating in the sea of black. Like any good train wreck, it was impossible to look away and the perverse enjoyment was nothing short of intoxicating.

That’s how his heart was broken. He lost a child in the midst of this, but this ending struck deep to his heart’s heart in a way that flesh nailed to wood never did.

All gone now
Nothing left to do but…

Let there be light

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