Into the Stars...

“Sweetie, why are you out here naked?”
It wasn’t unusual to find Lydia outside staring at the stars but this time she was naked and that was definitely odd.
She turned her head from the expanse above and looked at me.
“Oh, hi, honey. Tonight is the night.” She smiled. “They’re coming for me.”
I just smiled back as sadness filled my heart. I thought I had finally convinced her that all the alien talk was just rubbish. This was definitely a set back.
I walked over and sat next to her.
“You’re shivering. Let’s go inside and draw you a hot bath, sweetie.”
A frown pulled at the corners of her mouth.
“You don’t think they’re coming, do you?”
She looked so fragile.
“I don’t know but I do know that I love you and would miss you very much if you left me.”
She looked back up at the stars.
“They are coming for me.”
I nodded. “Maybe they are.”
She sighed and then slipped her soft hand into mine.
“I guess I could stay. I’d like that hot bath. Plus, I think I forgot to take my pills today.”
I just nodded and smiled sadly.

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