Let’s forget for a moment that you’re probably the only single, straight and/or bi guy in the school and that all the other girls are vying for your attention.

Like you ever takes your head out of that damn book of yours. You’re a natural elephant in the room, the glaring exception to the noise, the insanity of the school. How you manage to do it is a mystery, how you manage to keep any form of a secret in this place. Impossible. But, of course you can do it.

At least that how it seems.

Everyone notices you, but you don’t do the same. What happened in your life that makes you want to stay inside a fantasy? They’re not even happy, always choosing Poe, King, or maybe even some girlish tear-jerker. You never blink an eye. In fact, you seem to smile. What? Is the world not tortured enough for you? Would it make you happier if we were all miserable?

So far, you’ve been a mystery. But that’s all about to change.

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