He sat on the step to hear the voice again.

We’re all connected, yknow. Like, networked. Pretty dope.
He replied, ‘Well, I guess you would be. If I were to follow you, it’d lead me to another one.’
And I ain’t just talkin bout us pavement cracks, man. I mean we lead onto buildings and buildings got windows and windows got glass and glass got sand and shit. Naw mean? We all got words never spoke man.
‘But only you can talk? And when I say you, how do I know which part of the crack is you and which is another?’
The crack in the pavement fell silent, as if in thought. A stranger walked by staring. Then the crack replied, Yeah dogg I guess I wouldn’t know if I was speakin fo a part of this here crack but for the rest of em too, like errything. And if we real connected, then I be speakin fo the world but you lucky man you seem to be the only one hearin. It be just fo you.

The conversation died for awhile.

’How’d you learn to speak anyway?’
Dogg. I learn from you. You come here erryday. Damn.

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