“Jaymie, hi sweetie” Said the woman. Her voice quavered. “It’s mommy! If you come home, I’ll finally meet you” She said, speaking to me as a new mother speaks to her baby.
At that moment, I hated her. She had no right to speak to me. She didn’t know me. I became so angry, that I gripped the phone.
“I don’t ever ever wanna meet you! You never even came to see me all the 14 years of my damn life! Not one single time! You left me and Jordan! You didn’t even want me!” I yelled at her.
“Jaymie, this isn’t fair, what you’re saying” She said, trying to defend her actions.
Not fair! You know what’s not fair?! Having to wake up every morning feeling like a piece of crap! It’s unfair that I never had you, dad, or Jordan to help me. Its unfair that I’ve been getting beat up by kids at school since I was eight, and whenever I told dad, he’d just ignore me! It’s unfair that I never got a single hug from my parents! That’s unfair!” I yelled loudly. “Jaymie-”
“Bye mom!” I said, interrupting her as I closed the phone.

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