To Actually Care (Previously 'Smacked Meek')

I bet
I’ll wet my beak
In the inlet
Of what trend setter’s seek,
Shedding floating feather’s as I speak,
Lending, doling, spending cheddar
For the doting chatter boxes
Flying off of crocs
Snapping at me by the rocks
The waves are lapping
From my flapping
And I’m laughing
Lifting away
From the following flocks
That stay
To mock and smack
Those crocs until they
Spit their teeth out of their cheek
(Meek like leeches but more gummy)
Gin Rummy
I could hollow the honey
From a bees nest
Summon one hum of a please fest
All abuzz cuz I’m the least likely elitist
To get nailed like Jesus
Or hung like Saddam
I’m too damn calm to flail when I’m stung
I prevail, the breath in my lungs pushes my sail
My way
Is accountability
No blame on anyone
Any lady
When I’m ‘very fucking done’
Plucking a bucket of cherries one by one
I’d rather
Find a rarely ripened plum
Unwind it’s rind carefully
And spend some time fully aware
Of exactly what it means to love and care
To be suitable and fruitful
To actually be there.

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