Something may be wrong here . . .

Purchasing a cup of bubble tea from a shop in Markham July 27, 2007, drinking it outside a building in Italy during the Renaissance, and walking down the street and into the Jurassic and coming face to face with an Allosaurus, I started to realise something may be wrong with my life.

This feeling cropped up while I was drinking a bottle of milk from 1902 in a bombed out house in 1941.

My suspicions were confirmed while I was watching a game of water polo in the year 3059 between a race of fishmen and super dolphins.

My experiment may not have worked quiet how I planned it to and these giant mutant kangaroos aren’t helping me to think either. It seems I travel through time at the slightest thought and I might also travel between universes, I plan to check that later.

In the meantime, the supernova destroying Earth is very pretty. I sure hope my camera still works.

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