Oh God Not Again. Please, Not Again.

His eyes gleamed, flashing the colours of the bright television in the darkness of the room. I thought I was rid of him at least while he slept. But once more he stood before me, he smiled a toothless smile. Was he mocking me? Taunting me, with his endless needs. I said nothing, but my mind was reeling. Please god not again. Please, please. I fixed contact with his dark brown, almost black eyes. I could do this. I could get myself out of this once more using every logical part of my brain. A born problem solver, and yet these challenges stretched my capabilities. He chuckled, a heartless chuckle. He knew I had no control over him, no matter how hard I tried. This was the fifth time tonight…

I swallowed, I knew what was coming.

My heart sank. He handed me the tangled slinky.

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