Small Change, Minor Mistake

Kewan squirmed and fidgeted, a very unhappy little fairy. He had good reason, having been called before the Council of Cavitas, and he only a junior tooth fairy. Courtiers, guards and officials milled about him, all whispers and stolen glances.

His mind raced to discover what he might have done wrong. He gave a drachma to Alexios, a handful of sou to Guillome, and a shiny quarter to Albert, leaving him with a fae token to the Daemon-Legery Toll Road for the trip home before sunrise. Absently his slender hand searched his bag, to confirm what his mind surely knew.

“Kewan Offkutten Twee, present yourself,” boomed a stern voice as the doors to the Hall of Fae-Faenin swung open. A rush of incensed air buffeted his face. Wings twitching, Kewan inched forward as his hand caught the rough edge of the one coin left in his satchel. He stole a peek and lost what little mettle he had, freezing in his advance at the threshold to the hall.

His bag contained one shiny quarter; his future held naught but doom.

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