The Final Oath of Frank Crabtree

The house was a mess. Nothing was whole. Splintered furniture lay like gutted pigs. Torn clothing curled around broken glass of shattered pictures.

Wearily, Frank trudged upstairs. He wasn’t worried, he was broken, like the banister he ran his fingers along, all exposed spokes and pokey parts. They’d taken everything from him, just as they said they would. It wasn’t that he didn’t care for his wife or two daughters, it was that he already knew what to expect.

When he found them, stacked together, he didn’t even have enough feeling for tears. He stared at them with dull dry eyes until he had memorized every detail, every blood splatter, bruise, and violation. They were his now.

Fervent words began to pour out of him- a promise.

“I’m sorry that all I can offer you is blood for blood. It isn’t fair but I swear that I will send you souls until Hell itself buckles. Give me a sign when redemption is at hand.”

Frank did not believe there would be sign but he would look, and until he found it, he would kill.

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