In Between Minds: Setting the Scene

The door slid open and the Polkovnik was shoved roughly inside by the taller of the two guards who had been stationed outside his compartment.

I gave orders quickly. “Kseniya, scoot over across from me. Martin, sit next to her. Closer. Do we have a blanket? If not, anything will work- a coat or shirt if necessary.”

Martin glowered at me. In my haste I had forgotten to call him ‘Sir’. Maybe once I got us through this he would see me in a different light.

I guided the Polkovnik to the bench next to me and positioned him so that he was laying on his side. I couldn’t force him to go to sleep but I could encourage drowsy feelings. His mind no longer had the capacity to defend itself and his breathing became snoring at my first suggestion. I draped Kseniya’s rust colored shawl over him.

The train slowed as we reached the station. Dozens of people bundled up against the cold were held back by a single police officer. Other policemen eagerly waited to board the train.

“Your men will disappear?”

“Of course.”

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