And Cinnamon Stars at Night

There’s a drought of magic in the city of Evedad. And that’s a problem for seventeen-year-old Lajara, because her apprenticeship with a sorcerer and local gang boss is in jeopardy. If she can’t find another way to make herself useful, she’ll be out on the streets, where local vagrants have been going missing.

A mugging gone wrong gives Lajara a chance to act like a savior in front of a government scientist, who hires her as an assistant. She meets Milo, the scientist’s son. Helped by Lajara’s friend, Milo’s sister, and a cute boy from a rival gang, they investigate the disappearances and defend the research lab from a swarm of magical creatures. They also get caught in a slum-wide riot.

Milo confesses that he has been kidnapping vagrants for mad experiments to end the drought, and the latest victim is Lajara’s best friend. She pretends to support his scheme until she can free her friend. Then she chases, fights, and captures Milo. She gets a permanent job at the research lab and kisses the cute rival boy.

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