Olivia tapped her finger against the surface of the lake, watching the ripples shake the reflection of the stars. Her shoulders dropped. Three months and she was exhausted. There was no way she could do this for a lifetime. The rest of them didn’t believe she could do this job either, and she knew it.

The moon was bright, but cold. She didn’t feel any warmth from it like she used to. She pulled the blue skirt away from her feet, uncovering a sapphire and topaz anklet. It wasn’t capturing the moonlight like it normally did.

It was fading. Just like everything else.


Olivia covered her ankles and turned her head to the guard behind her.

“We found him. They are bringing him in now.”

Olivia shut her eyes and inhaled. She rose, digging her bare feet into the earth. Pulling her shoulders forward, her silk wings burst from the blades, shuttering and fanning. The silver strands in her wings and hair caught the light and glowed powerfully.

She turned to the guard. “Take me to him.”

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