In the Garden

I spy you enter the garden, the soft light plays golden on your skin.
Oh that I would be the first bee to taste your sweet nectar!
Fragrant flowers are overshadowed by a waft of your feminine scent.
I close my eyes to see you better, a diamond, prismatic, dazzling the mind’s eye.
Lightly you tread down the corridor, disappearing into the verdant bush.
Walking on tip toe, a soft breeze tickles my skin, a trail of flower petals marks your passage.
You turn and smile, eyes mischievous, held tilted coyly down.
Graceful as a dove swoops, my lips descend to brush your translucent skin.
Majestic towers of gladiolas raise their heads, unfurling their delicate petals, reaching for the pale morning sky.
The sun’s full warmth floods my body, as the delicate hum of music, a rhythm only we two hear, fills the air.
A rustle, feather soft, as a leaf trembles gently to swaying on its twig.
Startled birds’ wings flutter as quickly as your lashes.
Your breath is warm upon my cheek, crashing in waves against my embrace.

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