BAD Poetry (for D.E. Dewitt's cool challenge)

Oh rosy Rosalind
I’ve been pinned
By a gentle breeze
That carries
My whine with its wind

I am
A vagrant
Spitting phlegm
Needing some semblance
Of acceptance— please embrace me again

Kindly co-sign
On love’s dotted line
Of sap
Where I tap
The trunks alone
With sharp stone
In the darkening gloam
Never to go home

Entwined with you again
From your head to your hind
My hand will grope and find
Your hope and we’ll climb
Like two eagles into the inferior sky

I’m eager to have you here
I want you even nearer than crystal on my chandelier
or glass on my mirror!
or antlers on my deer!
Because I am dutiful
And you are beautiful, dear
So let us fulfill
This hurtful,
Crucible’s intention
And bring
Yourself to the ring
Of wedding bell fruition
With the two of us in tow of love’s tug
We’ll go
Wherever you want to get dug
And done right
That’s all you want, right?

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