Fighting For Peace is Like F-ing For Virginity (1)

Tall and tenacious
Crawl with anxious
Audacious young faces
Who’ve acquired a taste
For what their superior hates
They’re told their life is a waste
Unless they enroll
And dole death with haste
Taking less than one breath per soul
Dehumanize for the full prize of its toll
(Tho the part how war’s
Reward are lies
For the footmen with swords and knives)
They bore and tore so many lives
I’ve got this feeling they’d rather have died themselves
Pried from their shells
Before they had ever repelled from the smells
Of hell they swore to ward off an infidel
But who can tell but them?
Just a guess
Just a suit I assume to wear to test its hem
Just to see if it’ll tear from now until when
The system
Is set to install again
They sprawl
With plans they solve
By the hands
Of the fall man
They pull roots from suitable soil—
Skin from their skull bases
And attach them to
Our liaison of freedom
And drink with the sinking teeth of treason
I’m attacking who
Created heads
That imbed to have fed the legion (Cont.)

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