Fighting For Peace is Like F-ing For Virginity (2)

In cohesion
With arms and lead in their guns
Who murder daughters and sons—
On the run
Until they run red
Are stunned and then dead
The innocent are sentenced instead
Of the person who bent
Triggers with full intent
To administer death with their instrument

Kill war itself
Heat seek
The speeches
That spill
Over the peak
And keep
Good soldiers on tour
Animosity mustn’t seep—
This’ll be who
I’m defeating
Eating through
Their evil teaching
Beating back
Their bloody reaching—
Shaky screeching
As they scratch
And catch my hatchet
Staking hearts
Making souls escape
By the millions they march
Toward fates flaming arch
Fears adhere
As demons tear them apart
From here to eternity
They burn at a first degree
Temperature of torture
Forever murdered
And unheard
By heaven or god
Caught in the devil’s
Shark toothed jaw
Incapable of pleasure
In life they fully delivered
Killing measures
Whether innocent heads were severed
Or merely injured
In hell they’ll shiver
Never to be remembered (cont.)

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