Raw 3-d!

A man sits in an all white room with no visible exit. As the camera zooms into his eyes, you can see the reflection of what he is staring at; a teddy bear sitting on a stack of paper.
Still viewing the teddy bear from the reflection of his eyes, a recording from the bear breaks the dead silence.
“Jim Clawson, your lack of appreciation for life has dragged on long enough. In order to leave this room, and continue on with your pitiful existence you must learn the consequences of your actions…
For every piece of paper that you have not recycled in your office, you must withstand a paper cut. Be prepared Jim…for you have wasted a lot of paper.”
Jim’s eyes widen in awe. Then the screen goes black again and large red words are cut into the black background; Raw in 3-D

The t.v is turned off and a room of consultants sits quietly.
After a few minutes a man twisting in a swirly chair begins to laugh, “This is great! Let’s run it.”
The consultants look around for someone to object.

No one ever does.

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