Keep The Limit - Get Rid of Cook!e

The 1024 character limit is what makes a ficly unique. At the very least it has taught me to “write tight.” I have composed entire murder mysteries, comedies, fantasy and science fiction stories, self contained with beginning, middle and ending in 1024 characters or less and have become a better writer because of it.

Cook!e, the troll would have us change the structure of the world just to accomodate him. Typical selfish twat attitude in my opinion. For him to come into this place of peace and creative activity and curse people, demanding that things “change” just for him is the ultimate of arrogance.

I say keep things just as they are and get rid of Cook!e.

Send him off with a foot in the ass and an admonition, “You are the weakest link.”

Restore order and dignity to

Ban Cook!e

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