Never give up.

The railing was cold under my hand; I thought I had made my decision. Then I saw her,
radiant in the moonless night.

“John,” she said, “never give up.”

Somehow, that was enough. I didn’t jump that night.

It turned out that I had more time than the doctors had given me. I was able to finish my studies, join a lab. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. It’s been twelve years now, and one day we will find a vaccine.

Tonight, I saw her for the second time. She led me back to the bridge. It was dark but I could see a man on the edge. We talked — that helped. I told him my story. No one would blame him for not believing in my glowing angel; all the same, at least for this day he did not give up.

I have taken to walking by the bridge on evenings, when the moon is new. I wonder when I will see her next; Probably when it happens, she will take me with her. Hopefully I will find the cure before then. The race is on.

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