In the Shadows

Claudia smiled as she watched the shadows pour through the crack under her door. She crossed her ankles, the beads on on her sandals tinkling, and watched as the shadows coalesced and Demetri emerged.

A scowl flashed across his normally inscrutable face as he closed the distance between them in two strides. “What have you done?” Demetri growled. Claudia only smiled.

Demetri grabbed Claudia’s left wrist, pushing her onto the bed, leaning into her. “What have you done?” he growled again, pinning the other wrist. Claudia’s pulse raced.

“Why don’t you make me tell?” she purred.

With a snort, Demetri planted his right arm across her chest using the left to yank her stola above her waist. “There’s only one thing you understand, isn’t there?”

“Oh yes,” Claudia breathed, licking her lips as her eyes met his. The same predatory smile graced their faces just before they thrust their lips together.

He entered her as teeth enter a wound, knowing this time his anger would outlast her and he would get answers.

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